Seeing Through Nature’s Eyes

​Come and experience a journey through the core routines of nature connection. Feel embodied and empowered through building connection to yourself, others and the natural world. The course design is inspired by natural cycles as we follow the seasons through the year.

On this journey we will explore through games, embodied experience, sensory awareness, story and song, crafting and practical skills, reflection and journeying.

All of this will sit on a foundation of building a culture of connection and personal growth that can be accessibly woven into your daily life through specific, manageable practices and peer support.

Who this is for:

This course will offer an opportunity to develop deeper relationship to nature for adults.  The activities and camping will require a degree of physical resilience.  It will be helpful for those working with people outdoors including eco-therapists, teachers, forest school and bushcraft leaders, or anyone wishing to open the space within their busy lives for nature connection.  This course includes an emphasis on personal growth and inner exploration.


​​Two longer camps and 5 weekends.  Weekends start on Fri afternoon and end 4pm on Sunday.

We are committed to evolving our plan in response to the group and nature. Therefore, although we have a clear intention of what we will be offering each gathering, this is subject to change.


We are fortunate to be hosting our nature immersion programme at a most beautiful site in Furner’s Green, Sussex.  Colin Godman’s Farm is situated around a magical valley with broadleaf and coniferous woodland, spring fed lakes and Bio-dynamic cattle and sheep wandering past through the pastures. We have discovered such gems in the landscape surrounding our camp including springs, badger sets, foxes earths, big sandstone rocks, streams and a whole host of plants, trees and wildlife tracks and signs.

2019 Dates:

March 15-17
April 12-14
May 16-20 (five day camp)
June 21-23
July 20-21
Sep 12-15 (four day camp)
Oct 25-27
Nov 22-24
Please click on the button below to find out what we’ll be immersing ourselves in during each gathering.


The investment for the course is £2000.  This includes all food (local, organic where possible) and cost of camping.  Early Bird £1800 when application received before Winter Solstice, December 21st.

Applications for booking onto the course will be open 15th October 2018.


“…each time I return from part of the course I notice how my senses are awakened, my emotional connections to loved ones and others feel stronger and more healthy, my body and internal state feels relaxed and tuned-up and I seem to have sponged up a tonne of natural knowledge without really trying to through the mentoring and connective games and activities…”
Musician, Nature Mentor 

“The course is reconnecting me to Nature within and without: I’m finding my Self; I’m revelling in the joy of experiencing Nature around me.  I look forward to continuing the journey…”

Parent, Permaculture teacher

“Being on the nature connection course has been one of the richest experiences of my life. The design and the holding is the most natural way I have come across to support a deep sense of growth, learning and connection. And it has been so fun, delicious, joyful and creative.”

Acupuncturist, doula, Shadow work and rites of passage facilitator
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