“It’s difficult to fully describe the connective magic that is woven into the adult year course by the leaders and course members. But each time I return from part of the course I notice how my senses are awakened, my emotional connections to loved ones and others feel stronger and more healthy, my body and internal state feels relaxed and tuned-up and I seem to have sponged up a tonne of natural knowledge without really trying to through the mentoring and connective games and activities.

The course has also given me internal processing tools and questions which are the most helpful aids to emotional self-awareness, understanding and perspective I have ever encountered.

There’s nature, music, games, connection, laughter, tears and wonderful people awaiting you on this course and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all.”


Musician, Nature Mentor

“They have helped me immensely with the practical skills I was keen to develop; bow drill work and fire-lighting, fireside carpentry, foraging and plant-lore, tracking, the ‘other dimension’ of immersion in bird language among them.  But they have also provided a deeply sociable experience, developing my understanding of such concepts as the medicine wheel, ancestor and generational work and how they relate to both our human communities and the natural world we are so inextricably a part of.  With the inclusion of games and exercises that hone a wide range of abilities, it has given me a much better feel of what it means to be truly present in any given environment or situation.  It has also broadened my appreciation and knowledge of the wealth of resources both around and within us we can draw upon and help sustain.  The experience has given me much greater confidence and awareness in my day to day life and a much keener sense of how rich life can be.  If you are looking for a course that includes but also offers a lot more than just ‘survival skills’, the Seeing Through Native Eyes programme is highly recommended.”


Writer, Musician

“This course has been transformative for me… the facilitators humbly hold a gentle yet powerful space creating a subtle alchemy from which flows just what is needed by the group to inspire and deepen our connection to ourselves, the nature around us, the little community that we have become and our wider communities… I really feel what I’ve learnt is invaluable and will stay with me and grow into a deeper wisdom as I bring it into my life and work.”


Mother, Artist, Nature Mentor

“The course meets a great yearning in me to connect: to a beautiful group of people, through my own heart, to the whole great mystery of creation.”


Parent, Permaculture Teacher

“Being on the nature connection course has been one of the richest experiences of my life. The design and the holding is the most natural way I have come across to support a deep sense of growth, learning and connection. And it has been so fun, delicious, joyful and creative.”


Shadow work, Threshold honouring, Doula, Parent

“The course is reconnecting me to Nature within and without: I’m finding my Self; I’m revelling in the joy of experiencing Nature around me.  I look forward to continuing the journey…”


Parent, Permaculture teacher